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"Past Memories from Solitude" (고독으로부터 오는 과거의 기억) is a visual study and photography project exploring nostalgia among young adults during solitary moments. It reflects on how, as we mature, solitude becomes a significant part of life, offering an escape from societal pressures and standards. Young adults often turn to daydreaming and reminiscing about past memories to reconnect with their inner selves and reignite their passion for life. Through this project, I aim to capture both the imperfect, blurry recollections that evoke nostalgia and the intimate solitude in which these moments are cherished.
Yuching Yang (楊毓晴) - Multimedia exchange student @ K'Arts.
"Maybe we will find motivation for the assignments if it was changed to handing it in once every two or three weeks, we need time to explore the world as well"
When I met Yuching this semester at K'Arts, she was already in her second semester abroad. Originally from Taiwan, she expressed a desire to savour the last months of youthful freedom before returning to the working environment back home. I captured her moments of solitude during nighttime walks home from her part-time job, where she reflected on her future and found contentment in her solitude in South Korea.
Gaeun Heo (허가은) - 1st-year Design student @ K'Arts.
Gaeun grappled with dreams and emotions meant to inspire optimism about her future but ended up overwhelmed by societal pressures and opinions. After holding onto these burdens for some time, she decided to let them go, seeking a fresh start free from their influence. These struggles led her to become sceptical of relationships and endure periods of negative solitude, worsening her depression. Finding comfort in food and romanticizing negativity became temporary coping mechanisms. Through Gaeun's story, I aim to delicately portray the universal struggle young people face under societal expectations while striving for personal fulfilment. At 22, she constantly faces inquiries about marriage and career, symbolized by her connection to bouquets traditionally thrown at weddings. In my photos, she occasionally poses like a bride, reflecting the external pressure to conform to societal roles while navigating her internal conflicts.

Suwoo Kim (김수우) - 3rd-year Multimedia/Animation student @ K'Arts.
Suwoo taught me that solitude isn't just physical isolation; it's creating a mental and spiritual space for reflection. For her, this takes the form of drawing, photographing friends, and capturing beautiful scenery —a mindset rather than a mere state of being alone. Collaborating with Suwoo infused our shoots with the vibrancy of spring, where colour, movement, and emotion became central to our images. Through our work together, we captured not only moments but also the essence of Suwoo's solitude— bright, dynamic, and deeply personal.

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