Creative // Director of Photography // Colorist
Commercial, June 2023 ​​​​​​​

In the commercial "Spotify: AI DJ" we visualize the tagline "I'm the one who knows you best" as a solution to Spotify's challenge in the Korean market for streaming platforms. Created during my time in Korea, our TVC focuses on a young office worker dreaming beyond his desk. Utilizing Spotify's AI DJ feature, he finds inspiration to explore new realms, bridging his dreams with reality.
CREW 🧚🏾‍♀️​​​​​​​
Director & Editor - Inhee Hong 홍인희
Director of Photography & Colorist - Shenubian Boasman
Producer & Sound Design - Suwoo Kim 김수우
Gaffer & Transitions (Edit) - Kyungjin Gong 공경진
Art Director / Set Dresser - Sora Hong 홍소라
 Supervision - Daeol Yu 유대얼
Actor (Office worker/dancer) & Narration - Juchan Lee 이주찬
Actor (Boss) - Geonhee Lee 이건희

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