writer //  research // art director // editor
Experimental Short Film (6 min), June 2021  
with Pernille Laban & Mellis Nitus.

"KAIROS" is an experimental film juxtaposing two contrasting environments: the chaotic, lifeless routine of city life governed by Chronos, and the serene, vibrant essence of Kairos, where time is felt rather than watched. Through visual and auditory layers, the film captures the bustling, uninspiring cityscape alongside the tranquil, forgotten world bursting with colourful life. It invites viewers to reconsider their perception of time and presence, urging them to pause and embrace the often-overlooked moments that surround us. The film's essence lies in bridging these two worlds to evoke a deeper appreciation for the beauty and stillness amidst our hurried lives.

view link: youtu.be/ULOrD8E_Lvs

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