Moving to Rotterdam inspired an exploration of young creatives in the city, seeking to understand their artistic journeys and influences. This project culminated in a research wall presentation, displaying elements of the investigation like an investigative collage. Five out of six creator dialogues were documented, resulting in short impression videos of each interviewed artist. These interviews revealed diverse identities and stories, illuminating my path of artistic discovery.
moderator // film + edit
"October 29, 2021."
My conversation with Annie was a seamless flow of shared stories and mutual inspiration, sparking hours of discussion with others. The questions I had prepared became unnecessary as we instantly connected, finding reflections of ourselves in each other. Her youthful yet profound insights made her tales even more captivating. It became clear that we weren't merely conducting an interview, but engaging in a genuine dialogue.​​​​​​​
"November 21, 2021."
My conversation with Dietrich was like revisiting a familiar landscape; his insights always enriched my understanding. We delved into his upbringing, creativity, and aspirations, revealing a triangular connection between me, Dietrich, and Annie from our previous interview. Similarities in our childhoods and motivations emerged, shaping us as individuals and artists. Perhaps our shared age contributes to recognizing these traits, a realization I aim to explore further in future interviews.
"November 25, 2021."
Talking with Jill was both nerve-wracking and exciting due to her reputation in Rotterdam. However, I found her openness refreshing upon meeting her warmly in her studio—a repurposed anti-squat hospital shared with a ceramics sculptor. Jill's focused vision and brand strategy stood out, contrasting with her initial hesitation to sell jewellery despite finding her passion through impromptu lessons at WDKA during her Advertising & Beyond studies. She was spurred into starting her creative journey as a jeweller by unexpected external demand for her work.
"December 3, 2021."
My conversation with Yeju, originally from Seoul, diverged from others as she eagerly discussed my exchange plans and shared detailed insights about life in South Korea, from cafes to university experiences. Despite studying Spatial Design at WDKA, she has a background in Architecture from Seoul, emphasizing the contrast between technical focus and creative exploration in her approach to space. Yeju's ability to articulate her evolving relationship with space and aesthetics made our conversation deeply insightful     and engaging.
"December 6, 2021."
Today I interviewed Melike Once, Head of Creative at Notes, a conversation I've long awaited. Despite the challenge of approaching her during the Banlieue x Notes campaign, Melike proved to be kind and humble, yet driven by a strong creative vision. She highlighted Rotterdam as a city where creatives support and elevate each other, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive peers who share values and aspirations. Her experience with Banlieue underscored the genuine encouragement and camaraderie that defines Rotterdam's creative community.

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