One mixed media film & three photo series to summarise the experience of my internship at Boomerang Agency as a creative intern. presented in a film where I worked as a;
creative director // set dressing + styling // mixed media editor // VFX 
Mixed Media Film, February 2023
Roles: Creative Director, VFX & Editing

CREW 🧚🏾‍♀️
Creative Director - Shenubian Boasman 
Producer - Michelle Natte
Storyboard Artist - Kris de Haas
VFX & editor (full film) - Shenubian Boasman 
VFX & editor (trailer) - Aarathy Balasingam
Graphic Designer - Janey de Jong
3D Artist - Alex van der Leij
Photography - Shoghufa Majdod

my awesome colleagues photographed for the film;
CREW 🧚🏾‍♀️
Creative Director/Styling - Shenubian Boasman
Photographer - Shoghufa Majdod
Producer/Gaffer - Michelle Natte
with special thanks to Hamzah Kashash!

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